Your average is not the same as the market average

What most investors don’t realize is that while averages maybe true in the aggregate, they may not survive long enough in the market for their personal experience to match up with the statistics.


The key takeaway is, while equity is the right asset class to fight inflation, there no guarantees of success. If you blindly invest each month, then you are leaving the fate of your investments to luck. Undoubtedly, your money deserves better treatment, even if you don’t!


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Starting with 3 very important pieces that talk about sequence risk. Lot of investors including myself don’t think much or wouldn’t have even heard of sequence risk. Most investing or sales pitches start and end with setting up an SIP and buy & die. That’s a process, but investors confuse it for a strategy. What investors should ideally do is to consider and prepare as much as possible for scenarios where everything that can possibly go wrong, goes wrong. Embedded within all investing is an element of hope, but that’s not a strategy not does it guarantee a acceptable outcome.

Sequence Risk and Asset Allocation

Does long-term equity SIP investing work? (106 year analysis)

Sequence of Returns: What It Means and How to Deal


Corporate Bond Market: Is a “Zombie” Apocalypse Coming?

Con Men in Tights. On Robinhood’s misguided mission to “democratize finance”. Another Robinhood bashing post, the worst part is that it has almost become a trusim. This is an utterly ridiculous narrative and Robinhood has unfairly become the posterchild of all the worst excesses in the US markets. This is a pet peeve of mine and I had written about it earlier as well. But nonetheless, important to know all competing narratives before you draw a conclusion.

Evolving Index Landscape


The Equity Market Implications of the Retail Investment Boom. Really interesting paper that tries to quantify the impact of the so called “Robinhood traders” on the market.

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How Worrisome is the Rise in Interest Rates?

The path to a recovery for all The risk of an uneven recovery far exceeds the risk of uncontrollable inflation. Data and research show that the inflation hawks are wrong again.

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Geo-Economics: The Interplay between Geopolitics, Economics, and Investments


How YouTube swallowed the world

Garbage can portfolio


Everybody seems to be trading their pants off

Welcome to your Orwellian nightmare

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