Will I be ok?

Stocks are not pieces of art. They are not fiat money. Cults of personality do not last forever in the stock market. Narratives break. Eventually, everyone figured out that Galileo was right. Eventually, everyone will figure out that Cathie Wood isn’t. And it won’t take as long either.

Drew Dickson

Real financial planning is so much more than pontificating about the benefits of a low-cost, globally diversified portfolio. While this is very important, most people are not interested in the intricate details of each investment they own. What they really want to know is if they are going to be okay and, more importantly, if they have the means to enjoy their lives.

Tony Isola

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On $300B of Y Combinator Startup Success

Just 3 companies, Airbnb, DoorDash, & Stripe, represent more than half of YC’s top companies portfolio value, and the top 10 companies represent ~75% of it.

I hear people complain about polarization in the markets. The fact is, a small number of winners will always be responsible for the lion’s share of the returns, even in private markets apparently.

Startup Growth and Venture Returns: What We Found When We Analyzed Thousands of VC Deals

Simulations on 10-year investing windows for seed-stage deals suggest fewer than 10% of investors will beat the index, even if those investors have skill in picking deals. Like Vanguard has taught us in the public markets, individual investors could benefit from viewing the index as the default and then overlaying individual deals that they like.


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Department of future

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