Super unsexy things

Don’t underrate the mundane financial jobs–the no-fun, super-unsexy financial equivalents of eating lots of fruits and vegetables and logging 10,000 steps a day. Do a passingly decent job with them over many years and it’s a near-certainty the rest of your financial life will fall into place.

Christine Benz


The Keys to Financial Success Are Incredibly Mundane (Sorry!)

So What Should You Do?

When Everyone’s a Genius

Today’s Markets Are in Uncharted Territory

The Scramble for Tech: Here’s a relevant piece given how hot US funds are among Indian investors. We also have a new launch of a FANG+ ETF from Mirae.

Franklin Templeton top brass put self-interest first

“Investigations into closure of six debt mutual fund schemes uncover details of how some executives pulled out their investments and interfered in risk assessment.”

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Does Private Equity Investment in Healthcare Benefit Patients? Evidence from Nursing Homes

Placebo can enhance creativity: This one is funny and fascinating. Participants in the study asked to smell a substance. Half the group was told that the substance increased creativity, weirdly, those people believed it and it increased their creativity.


Sequoia Leads $30 Million Series A in Kalshi

Kalshi will use the new funding to bring its exchange to market and enable the trading of a unique asset class: event contracts. Event contracts are structured as questions about future events. Investors buy either “Yes” or “No” contracts based on whether they think the event will happen or not, allowing them to hedge everyday risks and capitalize on their opinions


Jack of Two Trades

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The Sordid Tale Of The Woman Who Scammed Marie-Antoinette

Source: Broyhill

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The Business of Wall Street with Dave Nadig

The Financial Advisor As Curator And Redefining The Value Of Financial Expertise with Jason Zweig


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