Narratives are reality

The lesson we should learn is that while it is true that the longer your investment horizon, the greater your ability to take the risk of investing in stocks (because you have greater ability to wait out a bear market without having to sell to raise capital), stocks are risky no matter the length of your investment horizon.

Larry Swedroe


Narratives, reflexivity, and markets

In many cases, that narrative becomes the reality over time, through reflexive processes where the perception of this company is likely to win makes people behave in that way such that it becomes more likely that the company wins.

Stocks are risky no matter how long the horizon

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Personal finance

Don’t Take Personal Finance Advice From Billionaires

There are a number of reasons you don’t take personal finance advice from billionaires. First of all, they have more money than you. It almost doesn’t matter what they do with it. They’ll be fine either way. It’s very easy to lose touch with the money problems normal people go through when you become uber-wealthy.

This 👆 is an old article but rings more true today given that billionaires have now weaponized twitter to pump their stocks, crypto and shitty SPACs.


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Startups & Fintech

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