Inflation is coming?

The greatest financial gift you can give give a young person is to help him or her get started investing

The Stock Market Is Smarter Than All of Us

The Relationship Between Money and Happines

Aswath Damodaran on the COVID Crucible: A Play in Three Acts

Inflation breakevens as a signal

Are You Ready For The Memes to Metals Trade?

Demographics and inflation: I am not convinced

Impact of Information Disclosure on Consumer Behaviour: Case of AT1 Bonds

Dumb things that we knowingly do

Cognitive Theory of noise: introduction

Behavior change is often difficult even when it is in someone’s best interest to change. People are mostly immune to even the best advice and there are complex causal factors seeded in evolution, biology and culture which make habits, addictions and the like resistant to change. Imagine telling a severe depressive to “just snap out of it”. It will be futile.


Bring In The Social… FinTech Is Getting Wavy!


Clubhouse’s Inevitability

Totally random

How vulnerable is the world?

Things that don’t matter😐


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