How much does asset allocation add to your returns?

About three-quarters of a typical fund’s variation in time-series returns comes from general market movement, with the remaining portion split roughly evenly between the specific asset allocation and active management.

David Larrabee

The best benchmark is your own, personalized financial goal.

Sarah Newcomb

Personal finance

I made several investment mistakes but have turned my life around

Sometimes the most goddamn boring things that make all the difference for us common investors need repeating. This 👆 is one of those posts.

Always check the big picture

While planning for individual goals can be very powerful in setting you up for success, you shouldn’t become too narrowly focused on individual goals. Always take a step back and check if the big picture still makes sense. 

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Barring exceptionally convincing evidence something has changed, we not only believe in it but will stick to it like grim death through its inevitable ups and downs.

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