About Tipsheet

Given how much of our time we spend on the internet, I think we’ve forgotten just how awesome the internet is. Just pause for a second and think about all the amazing resources that are available at the click of a few buttons because of the internet. No, I’m serious, just take a pause and reflect for a second. The collective wisdom of humanity and stupidity too, available at our fingertips, it’s bloody crazy!

The internet has truly broken all barriers and given everyone a voice. In the past decade, there’s been been a mega explosion in the amount of content (a disgusting word) being published on the internet. The amount of brilliant blogs, newsletters, podcasts, tweets, and research papers out there is astounding. It would probably take 100 lifetimes to sift through 1% of the output. And shockingly most of this is free too. 

But this also means that a lot of amazing work tends to get lost in the noise. Much like the markets where a tiny number of stocks are responsible for all the returns, only a small group of people people and their work get all the attention. But it doesn’t mean that the lesser know content is bad. Quite the opposite, in my experience, I’ve learnt the most from blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and tweets you’d have never come across.

And the amount of new insights being published are only growing. Most of this content might not get the attention it so richly deserves and tends to get lost in the noise. Also, over a period of time, some of these pieces of content tend to become undiscoverable, which is a travesty. When I write something, I rely so much on the work published by these folks. 

So Tipsheet is my small attempt to curate and organize some of the best content being in the world of finance. The idea is curate and categorize all links to some of this content so that they are easily discoverable. An archive of links if you will. If I had the resources and know-how, I’d have archived the content itself, since I don’t, this is my attempt, whether right or wrong. I also have a self motive since this will force me to read and listen to more things 🙂 

The hope is that this becomes a portal where you serendipitously discover new things for reading, inspiration for your writing or for your research. 

But most importantly, this is probably the only way I can thank all these amazing writers, journalists, podcasters, vloggers, and tweeters for so graciously sharing their wisdom.

Happy rummaging through the archives. Also, if you’d like to help in anyway, please hit me up.

I’ll leave you with this Quote 👇