A brave new world?

The pandemic is not the beginning of the Chinese century. It is not the end of globalization or the return of socialism. What is starting today is a new age of technological wonder, the Great Acceleration.

Bruno Maçães

Overall, small, active investment advisers have the largest influence on valuations, according to the researchers. Controlling for size, they find that hedge funds tend to be the most influential. “Per dollar of capital, they are much more influential than pension funds and insurance companies,” says Koijen.

Emily Lambert

Personal finance

Lifestyle Creep, and why it’s important to minimize it to the extent possible.


The Great Acceleration

I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: Chaos Strikes Global Shipping

BIS Quarterly Review


When Immortal Bonds become Mortal

Markets & Currencies

Treasury markets and the SLR Exemption. When the financial plumbing gets political.

Who Needs a Digital Dollar?


Who is driving stock prices?


Pipe It! Platforms, Funding, and the Future


Apple Failure Modes

The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It?


From Bowie Bonds to Pipe: Financing Recurring Revenue

Pipe It! Platforms, Funding, and the Future


Rational Minds Part 5: Heuristics Make Us Smart — Gerd Gigerenzer


Andrew Chen


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