Things you see at tops

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Things you see at tops

Of all the things that are probably indicative of a financial bubble, Special Purpose Acquisition Company or SPACs are right at the top. If you are new tho SPACs, check out this explainer. There’s so much liquidity out there looking for yields, US SPACs alone have raised over $150 billion.

Compound Advisors

A lot of people are screaming this is a bubble,

“These are all momentum stocks, and a lot of people want to short them,” said Matthew Tuttle, whose firm Tuttle Tactical Management runs an exchange-traded fund that allows investors to hold a portfolio of SPAC stocks. Mr. Tuttle is preparing to launch an ETF that bets against “de-SPAC” stocks of companies that have merged with a SPAC—like electric-truck manufacturer Nikola Corp. and baked-goods maker Hostess Brands Inc. —and a separate fund that invests in the stocks.


Personal finance

You’re Probably Getting Screwed By Edward Jones Fees

Edward Jones is a US based advisory form. In the title of the post if you replace Edward Jones with any AMC name, your advisor, distributor, bank, LIC uncle, 70%+ of the time, the title will remain true. You are probably getting ripped off by financial intermediaries without even knowing. Next weekend, sit down, open your account statements and look at the fees you are paying. Odds are you’ll be holding a lot of useless insurance policies and mutual funds.

A free course on personal finance essentials. If you want to get your personal finances in order, you gotta put in the works. This is a good starting point.


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Inflation watch

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Market history

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Old piece but still relevant.

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